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Four Vancouver Secondary School Students Receive Scholarships from the Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Arts Supplies

Four graduating students, Anita Ho, Yasuko Minami, Jodie Ng and Sarah Sun, chosen for their artistic excellence and acceptance into post secondary Fine Art Studies, are the recipients of these Scholarships Awards. Three of these Awards were jointly sponsored by the Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Arts Supplies; the 4th, in memory of Michael Saya-Moore, long time Guild member, was awarded through a Trust Fund established with the Guild in 2007 by Michael's family and friends. Guild members are grateful to Opus for their partnership in this endeavour to support aspiring young student artists.

Anita, a graduate of Prince of Wales, is attracted to drawing and design because it is relaxing and gives her a way to express her ideas and emotions. Digital drawing and Photoshop allowed her to further explore and experiment, increasing her ability with detail and colour. Anita has designed cards, posters, book covers and competed in the design of logos for school teams and the Yearbook class t-shirt. She will continue her studies at Emily Carr.

Yasuko, who graduated from Windermere, was inspired in her early years by Manga Japanese comic book illustrations. (Manga, an internationally recognized art form, attained popularity in Japan in the early 1900's and is now appreciated by world wide by all ages.) After learning and experimenting in this art form she began to develop her own style, identities and technique in Pointillism. She is currently studying how to shift from black and white to colour illustrations. Yasuko was accepted for enrolment in the Emily Carr University program.

Jodie, a Magee Secondary graduate, was drawing before she could write. Jodie's drawing led her to studying the masters and copying their works. Although her work was highly praised she did not feel motivated by it. Her art teacher told her it was not her talent but passion that would drive her forward and if she trusted herself she would become a better artist - true art was a 'soul' development. He defined 'soul' as a helpful spirit to promote the well being of others. She now helps her teacher to teach art to a group of children with learning disorders and is inspired to paint everyday. Jodie will also study at Emily Carr.

Sarah Sun, the Lord Byng graduate, finds her inspiration to make art through her senses. Using her imagination and daydreams, she finds images and abstract reflections to express her ideas. As a visual artist she believes that only our senses allow us to perceive and anchor our reality and thus art can be a therapeutic way of stimulating those senses about what is real against the drag of urban living and desires such as greed for wealth and fame. Sarah, the recipient of the Guilds Michael Saya-Moore Award, will study at Simon Fraser University.

The Vancouver Art Guild's purpose is to support emerging artists. It stages the very popular 'Winter Salon', art show and sale, on the first Sunday of every November, (04/11/12), see www.vancouverartguild.com. Proceeds from the Salon fund these Scholarship Awards.