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Each month we write about Arts-related happenings in the community. It's also a great place to check up on what's new at Opus!

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Art Battle: Yared Nigussu - Artist & Champion

I think I was born to be a painter. I don't know if I chose it but maybe art chose me. It is above me, beyond what I am. It's like eating, drinking –  so I need to paint.

From crowded arenas to the solace of his studio, artist and 2-time National Art Battle Champion, Yared Nigussu connects with the world around him through his highly expressive paintings. He engages viewers with his upbeat energy, genuine personality, and fast–paced painting style, which has elevated this rising star throughout the Canadian visual art community....Read more

Space To Create

Welcome to Space To Create, a fun new way to help you keep your resolution to make ‘making’ a priority this year.

Doodle or draw, paint or paste! We are excited to provide creative exercises offering you a small space for creative play....Read more

Art News

What's happening in the Visual Arts community. It moves fast, so check often.

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