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Canvas offsets: what they are and how to use 'em

Ruth, Chris and Charity show how to use offsets to frame a stretched canvas with a front-loading canvas frame, and also show a variety of other ways you can get creative with canvas frame projects and offsets. For a detailed step by step set of instructions, please check out the accompanying how-to article here

Need Offsets? Need Frames?

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I like the offsets, and now that I saw a demonstration on how they work I know that I will be getting some when I come back home to Langley, from Mexico. I have a few paintings on 1" canvas that I've been debating how I would hang them, this will be great. Thanks

Thank you so much for this valuable information!
I have many unframed canvases laying around,
this will come in so handy!! Much appreciated!!

This video (albeit a bit amateurish, I would have liked some close-up stills for, say, thicker canvas in a frame, or just different frames and looks kinda thing) was very informative and I really really appreciate you guys not having inundated me with useless advertising! So far all the e-mail notifications I have gotten have been extremely helpful and informative and useful, and I have not regretted signing up for it. Thank you so much! OPUS people are always friendly, they know what their talking about, you guys rock!

Thank you for this valuable information and demonstration! Thank you all!!!!

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